Experience healing in a safe environment by an IAKP certifed practitioner.

Kambo: Nature's Vaccine for the Mind and Body.

Kambo is a resin secreted from the back of a large green jungle frog, given the name Phyllomedusa bicolor for classification, but more commonly known as the Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog.

Today, Kambo is getting traction in the West, where increasing numbers of people are seeking the medicine to treat mental, emotional, and physical issues. The resin contains substances known as peptides, which have been proven to strengthen the immune system. The anti-inflamatory and anti-microbial properties of the peptide-rich secretion also enable Kambo to destroy microbes and viruses and heal infections.

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About your practitioner.

I am an IAKP certified Kambo practitioner located in San Diego, CA offering Kambo ceremonies in North San Diego county.

It all started from my personal healing journey.

Walking on the path of healing my physical body and reclaiming my personal power lead me to Peru.

That’s when Kambo came to my life offering a potent healing for me on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

After that a deep personal connection was born and Kambo became my Spirit Guide, guiding me deeper on my journey of undoing, healing and becoming.

Kambo Frog brought clarity and a sense of purpose in my life. I felt a deep passion to share the healing potential and the blessings of this powerful ancient gift from Mother Earth and I knew from that moment that my life would never be the same.

When I was doing one of my long Master Plant Diets in Peruvian jungle, Plant Sacraments along with the Frog, taught me the healing art of medicine. To fortify and support a deeper healing process it weaves Shamanic craft that comes in a form of medicinal songs-ikaros into the Kambo ceremonies.

My personal path is a reflection of my offerings. For a deeper ongoing personal growth I continue to deepen my practice by gathering ancient knowledge, receiving wisdom and learning with Sacred plants and trees.

It is my commitment to always work with integrity, humility, and compassion.

My passion is to serve Kambo and provide safe, harmonious, and loving ceremony space for people to assist them on their healing journeys back to the Wholeness.

In love and freedom,

Victoria Azra